Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Zanzibar is a part of Tanzania in East Africa. It’s a semi-autonomous area. And it is located in the Indian Ocean, 40 kilometers off the coast of the mainland. Stone Town is the historical center of Zanzibar. And guess who was born in here? Queen’s Freddie Mercury.

Average daily food costs in Zanzibar?
The costs are changing between 2$ and 40$. Mostly, there are some cheap restaurants.

Average daily hotel costs in Zanzibar?
The costs are changing between 25-30$ and 1000-1300$ per night. There are many different kinds of hotel.

Where can we eat?

Zanzibar Coffee House Cafe: Very delicious cakes and coffee… And the atmosphere is lovely.

Terrace: Italian and African fusion! Great place to dinner with your lover.

Ocean Restaurant: BBQ or seafoods? Choose what you want… In middle of the palm trees.

Pongwe Bay: Italian foods are here. And you’re gonna love it! Like your dreams.

What about the transport?
You can use the local buses, or you can rent a car, rent a bicycle. It’s your choice. But I will say something to you, the island is all good, rent a bike and go!

What will we do?

Cheetah’s Rock: Have you ever been so close to cheetahs like that? This is one of the best place to do that. Don’t miss this fantastic experience while you are so close to it.

Mnarani Marina Turtles Conservation Pond: Float with giant turtles! And feed them… It’s gonna be awesome experience.

Stone Town: It’s and old and historical city. Grab your walking shoes…

Kendwa Beach: A white and clear beach. Now, time to relax. Take a breath…

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