Yantai, China

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Yantai is a port city in China. It is located on the border of the Bohai Sea. “Yantai” means “smoke tower” in Chinese. The towers were built in 14th century, for the against invasions of Japanese pirates.

Average daily food costs in Yantai?
The costs are changing between 5$ and 40$.

Average daily hotel costs in Yantai?
The costs are changing between 10$ and 95$ per night.

Where can we eat?

La Casa: Best pizzas in Yantai!

He Yuan: Great Asian restaurant on the banks of the sea. You’re gonna love its view and its foods.

Dong Shang Seafood: Fresh seafoods are here.

What about the transport?
There is no directly flight from most of the cities in the world. You can go to Seoul, first.
In the city: You can use the public buses or the trains. They are not expensive.

What will we do?

Yangma Island: It is located out of the city, but it is not too far. It has fresh air and clear water. Take a trip to the island.

Yantai Whale Shark Acquarium: Meet the shark whales! You can see them, closely.

Zhangyu Wine Cultural Museum: It’s a little museum. Learn about the history of wine. And taste some of them.

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