Vaduz, Liechtenstein

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Vaduz is the capital city of Liechtenstein. The city lies near the Rhine River, and located in the middle of the country, and border of Switzerland. The city is nice, fresh and little. There is no airport but you can come here with the buses, very comfortable.

How much is average daily food costs?
The costs are changing between 8$ and 80$.

How much is average daily hotel costs?
The costs are changing between 170$ and 460$.

Where can we eat?

Residence: Delicious breakfast in the middle of city.

Restaurant Maree: Everywhere it’s green. You’re gonna love this French restaurant’s foods. And of course you’re gonna love its view!

Hotel Gasthof Lowen: Traditional foods are here. And you can see Vaduz Castle in this restaurant.

What about the transport?
As I said, there is no airport in Vaduz. You should go to Zurich, firstly. When you arrive, you should use the train which goes to Sargans. The ticket price is about 30-35$ and the trip takes about 1 hour. Then, you will use the bus which goes to Vaduz. The ticket price is about 8-10$ and the trip takes about half a hour. And… Welcome to Vaduz!

What will we do?

Vaduz Castle: It was built in the 12th century. But it was destroyed by the Swiss Confederacy in the 16th century. Then, it was built again. But, the castle is not open to the public. Because the princely family still lives in the castle. But you can see how it is big and historical.

Liechtenstein National Museum: It’s an interesting and old museum. There are so many things about the history of the country. And it was visited by Goethe, the famous writer and politician, in 1788. Don’t miss this! The entry prices:

Adults: 8.5$
Students or groups(of 10 persons or more): 5$
Childs(Under 16 years): Free

Postage Stamp Museum: The museum about the postage stamps! There are no other things! If you are a collector or just a lover, that’s the place. It’s one of the most beautiful museums you can see. And free entry!

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