Tallinn, Estonia

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Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia, and one of the most important cities in the Estonia. It is located on the northern coast of Estonia and on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. Tallinn is an old city and you can feel this feeling every streets in Tallinn. Like Middle Age. And by the way, Port of Tallinn is one of the biggest ports and most important ports in the Baltic sea region.

Average daily food costs in Tallinn?
There are so many restaurants in Tallinn. Hundreds of restaurants. And the costs are changing between 2$ and 140-150$.

Average daily hotel costs in Tallinn?
There are so many hotels in Tallinn. Hundreds of hotels. And the costs are changing between 30-35$ and 600-700$ per night.

Where can we eat?

Tchaikovsky: It’s in the heart of the city. And it’s a Russian restaurant. You can eat something romantic here. Take a sit and enjoy your meal.

F-hoone: Cozy and amazing restaurant. You should eat something with your lover or your friends. Great place to breakfast and it’s Baltic.

What about the transportation?
From the airport to the city center: You can use the public bus or you can rent a car here. The bus tickets are about 1.5-2$ and the trip takes not so long. The airport so close to city, about 4 kilometers away. Drivers sell this tickets, you can buy this tickets in your bus.

What should we do?

Rocca Al Mare Open Air Museum: It is located in the western of the city. You can learn something about rural Estonian life in this museum. It’s great and amazing museum. You should see it. The ticket prices are:

April 23 – September 28:
Adults: 9$
Families: 17-18$
September 29 – April 22:
Adults: 6-7$
Families: 13-14$

Kumu Art Museum: It is located in the eastern of the city. It’s a great art museum and you should see it too. It has some amazing collections and interesting pieces of art. I’m sure you’re gonna love this museum. Its location is good too, and the building is… Anyway, it’s one of the most important museums about the culture of Baltic, in Estonia. And the ticket prices are:

All exhibitions in Kumu:
Adults: 6-7$
Families: 13-14$
Exhibitions of contemporary art (5th floor):
Adults: 3-4$
Families: 6-7$

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