Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia. And the largest city of the country. It is located in a valley on the Tuul River. It is a pretty high city, like 1300-1350 meters high. Ulaanbaatar knows as the coldest capital in … Continued

Sapporo, Japan

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Sapporo is one of the biggest cities in Japan. It is located in the northern Japan. It’s usually cold but the most funniest times are the cold times. There is a famous festival named “Sapporo Yuki Matsuri” It means Sapporo … Continued

Darjeeling, India

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Darjeeling is a little town in West Bengal, India. It’s located in northern India, at an elevation of 2000-2200 meters. The famous things are tea plantations and its special teas. Average daily food costs in Darjeeling? The costs are really … Continued

Beirut, Lebanon

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Beirut is the capital of Lebanon. It’s on the eastern of Mediterranean Sea. It was a great center of the Middle East, 60-70 years ago. But in 70th, something’s happened in Beirut. But… It is still great, still beautiful and … Continued

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

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Brunei is also known as Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam. It is located on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia and it is surrounded on three sides by Malaysia. By the way, Brunei is one of the richest countries in … Continued

Mumbai, India

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Mumbai, is the largest city in India and one of the largest cities in the world. It is very important center to India. It is located in western India and on the Arabian Sea. It has a very famous hotel … Continued

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