Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Siem Reap is a town in Cambodia. The temples are the most famous things in Cambodia, and its nature is really amazing. You’re gonna love this place, and those temples. By the way, Siem Reap is so cheap.

How much is average daily food costs?
The costs are changing between 2$ and 80$. Mostly, there are cheap restaurants.

How much is average daily hotel costs?
The costs are really cheap, and changing 5$ and 100-110$ per night. But there are really expensive hotels too.

Where can we eat?

Alliance Art Cafe: Nice place to breakfast.

Oriental Apsara Restaurant: Great Asian foods. Oriental Apsara Restaurant welcomes you! With its own amazing dancers!

Nest Angkor Cafe Bar: Take a sit and meet your friends. Nice talking, great atmosphere and some delicious cocktails.

Blossom Cafe and Training Centre: It will be glorious experience. Little and cute cakes, delicious cup cakes, awesome coffees… You should be here.

What about the transport?
There is no directly flight from some of the cities in the world. Most of the flights: From Singapore to Siem Reap.
From the airport to the city: You can taka a cab, the price is about 10$ maximum.

What will we do?

Angkor Wat: It’s the symbol of Cambodia. Yeah, it’s the temple on the flag of Cambodia. You should visit this temple.

Bayon: Bayon is another temple in the city. There are so many figures on the temple. Yeah, it’s a charming and fascinating temple.

Angkor Thom: Cambodia has so many temples. And here is another temple. It’s big and really impressive. Don’t forget to take some photos.

War Museum Cambodia: It’s the only war museum in Cambodia and definitely worth it!

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