Sharm el Sheik, Egypt

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Sharm el Sheik is a city of Egypt. It is located on the Red Sea. There are so many beautiful beaches. They are like heaven. Its water is so clear, you’re gonna float here all the day, or diving. It’s your choice. Those fishes… All colorful and beautiful.

Average daily food costs in Sharm el Sheik?
The costs are changing between 2$ and 100$.

Average daily hotel costs in Sharm el Sheik?
The costs are changing between 15-20$ and 300-350$ per night. Of course, you can stay some luxury villas too.

Where can we eat?

Sharks Bay Ragiio di Sole: Nice place to breakfast. It’s quiet and fresh.

Mahony Restaurant: Oriental seafood dishes… And it’s a cave restaurant. You’re gonna love this place.

On Deck- Floathing Restaurant: Great choice for your romantic dinner. Here are seafoods and Egyptian meals…

Happy Bambo Italian Coffee: Are you a coffee lover? That’s for you. Come quickly!

What about the transport?
You can take a cab, it’s not so expensive. Or you can rent a car.

What will we do?

Tiran Island: It’s located between Egypt and Saudi Arabia in Red Sea. You can take a day-tour and visit the island. It’s so clear and so beautiful, so blue. The tour prices are about 30-35$.

Coptic Church: It’s the largest church in Egypt and Middle East. It’s gonna be great experience for you.

Star Gazer Night: A desert trip! Trip with the camels. You can watch the sunset, you can watch the stars in the perfect bright night. The tour prices are about 44-45$.

Aqua Blue Water Park: Time to fun!!!

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