Santorini, Greece

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Santorini is located in the southern Aegean Sea. And about 180-200 kilometers southeast of Athens. Fira is the capital of the Greek Aegean island, Santorini. Fira is a city of white houses built on the edge of the caldera. There are so many little islands. Santorini… what a beauty… You should be here, don’t forget to take a ticket.

Average daily food costs in Santorini?
The costs are changing between 2$ and 150$. Mostly, there are expensive restaurants.

Average daily hotel costs in Santorini?
The costs are changing between 25-30$ and 1000$+ per night.

Where can we eat?

Corner Restaurant: Excellent choice of the breakfast. It will be your favorite…

Mezzo Restaurant: Great restaurant to romantic dinner. And it has delicious Greek meals.

Pelican Kipos: Take a sit and meet your friends. It’s like middle of the jungle. Those trees…

Lycabettus Restaurant: Another Greek restaurant in Santoroni. And it has really great views.

What about the transport?
You should go to Athens, then you can get there with the plane.
In the city, you can walk everywhere. You should… The city is pure beauty.

What will we do?

Fira: It’s the capital of the island. And it is located on the hill. It has a great view…

Museum of Prehistoric Thera: It’s the prehistoric museum. You should see this museum. It has also great and colorful paintings.

Santo Winery: It is located western side of the island. You can drink some special wines with your lover or your friends. And what a view… It’s so beautiful.

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