At, we know that privacy matter is really important: The privacy of visitors and the rights of visitors. Therefore, we apply these steps as you can see below. We do all these things for you and for your safety.
-The comment areas
-The contact page
-Our Facebook Page, Instagram Page and Twitter Page.

The Comment Area

The first area, you can contact us here. And your e-mail address will not be shared with third parties. The reason why we ask your e-mail address is, just for us. So we can contact you except the comment area, if necessary.

The Contact Page

You can reach the editors and authorized persons here. You need to give your e-mail address for the feedback. And for your rights and safety, these informations will be kept secret and safe too.

Social Pages and Sharing

The things what we use at are completely legal and safe. The components what we share in our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social pages are definitely prepared and controlled by the producers. At, we don’t have any different privacy policy from these privacy policies of related social pages.

The privacy policies of related social pages:

-The privacy policy of Facebook
-The privacy policy of Twitter
-The privacy policy of Instagram