Plzen, Czech Republic

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Plzen is a city in the Czech Republic. It is also known as Pilsen. Pilsner beer is the most known thing in this city. And Pilsen is the capital of the beer. The city is the fourth most populous city in the Czech Republic. And it has a huge beer factory. You should be here!

Average daily food costs in Plzen?
Plzen has not so much luxury restaurants. They are all cheap and great. The costs are changing between 2$ and 40-45$.

Average daily hotel costs in Plzen?
Plzen has not so much options about the hotels but it’s enough. Believe me… And the costs are changing between 30-35$ and 140$ per night.

Where can we eat?

Restaurant Rango: It’s one of the most beautiful and impressive restaurants in Plzen. It’s pretty quiet and cozy place. It has a great atmosphere and the chairs and tables are all great. Awesome choice for romantic dinners.

U Mansfelda: It’s all Czech and it’s pretty old restaurant. You should eat something here. And they have something special too: Pilsner beer!

What about the transportation?
There is no airport in Plzen. Where should you go first: Prague! And then, you should use the trains from Prague to Plzen. Leaves in every hour. And the trip takes about one and a half hours. The price is about 6-7$.

What should we do?

Pilsner Urquell Brewery: Welcome to the largest beer factory in Plzen! Founded in the 19th century. And this factory is really important place about the history of beer, in this world. You should take a tour to this factory. The tour takes about 100 minutes and the price is about 8-8.5$.

The Old Synagogue: The Old Synagogue is the second largest synagogue in Europe. Completed in the end of the 19th century and it has a very great atmosphere. Great architecture. You should see this too. Here are some prices:

Adults: 2$
Childs: 1.5$
Families: 3$

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