Principality of Monaco

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Monaco is the second smallest (after the Vatikan) independent state in the world. It knows the Principality of Monaco, of course… It is surrounded on three sides by France. Monaco is a lux place, but you can find what you want.
You all know the casinos, right? But, it is not just the casinos. You can find something special in here. So, grab a chair and listen to me!

Average daily food costs in Monaco?
The costs are changing between 8-10$ and 500$. Mostly… Expensive.

Average daily hotel costs in Monaco?
The costs are changing between 65-70$ and… There is no limit.

Where can we eat?

ODYSSEY Monte-Carlo: That’s what you’re looking for a nice breakfast.

Las Brisas: Lunch or brunch. That’s the place. Great view and great menu.

La Maree: Lux. But the view… Omg. Fresh seafoods, great Mediterranean foods, delicious French foods…

Buddha Bar: It’s first class. Delicious foods, drinks… Great music, great atmosphere… Come here, it’s Buddha Bar!

What about the transport?

There is no airport. The closest airport is located in Nice.

From the airport to Monaco: You can take a cab, you can use the buses or trains. The ticket price are about 2$ for the buses. And they leave every 15 minutes.

In the city: You should walk around here. It’s a small place and you should see all of them.

What will we do?

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco: Located in the southwest of the city. It’s all about oceans. Look at those fishes. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? Ticket prices:
Adults: 14€
Childs (13-18 yo): 10€
Childs (4-12 yo): 7€

Japanese Gardens: Great place to getaway. There are all green. Little waterfalls, tiny bridges and graceful architecture. You’re gonna love all.

Opera de Monte-Carlo: An amazing and iconic building. It opened in 1879 and still welcomes the people. “Say hi!”

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