Menton, France

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Menton is a port town in France. It is located on the border of Italy. There is a famous lemon festival called “Fete du Citron”. And the city known as the lemon city. You can see the lemon trees all around here. You can go everytime of the year, but in summer, Menton is really awesome.

Average daily food costs in Menton?
The costs are changing between 5$ and 150$.

Average daily hotel costs in Menton?
The costs are changing between 45-50$ and 230-240$ per night.

Where can we eat?

Le Big Boss: Great place to breakfast. Delicious and friendly.

La Festival Plage: Fresh seafoods! Come on!

La Loca: That’s what you’re looking for a romantic dinner. Italian and French.

Mirazur: I’ll say two words. Expensive and cozy. But French foods are amazing and the wines…

What about the transport?
There is no airport. Firstly, you should go to Nice. When you arrive in Nice, you can use the Menton buses, or the trains.

What will we do?

Saint-Michel Archange Basilica: What a view… It’s magical. It’s rare of baroque. Old and charming.

Jardin Botanique exotique de Menton: Those plants, those secret paths… Just like heaven. You should be here.
Entry price: 6.5€.

La Salle des Mariages: Marriage rooms! Yes, they are. They have beautiful and special paintings. Don’t miss them!

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