Madeira, Portugal

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Madeira is located on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a territory of Portugal. Madeira Wine is one of the most famous things in here. Funchal is the capital city of Madeira. And guess who’s born in here? Cristiano Ronaldo.

Average daily food costs in Madeira?
The costs are changing between 2$ and 150-200$.

Average daily hotel costs in Madeira?
The costs are changing between 25$ and 1500-1600$ per night. There are many different kinds of hotels.

Where can we eat?

Restaurante Lily’s: Good place to breakfast. With Mediterranean foods.

Il Basilico: Take a sit. It’s Italian and great.

Restaurant Vila do Peixe: Great place to nice dinner. Try some seafoods.

Taberna Ruel: Fresh fishes and great atmosphere. Come and enjoy it!

What about the transport?

From the airport to Funchal: You can use the aerobus. The ticket price ise about 5-6$.

What will we do?

Monte Palace Tropical Garden: It’s a great garden… Wow! They are all great… Great waterfalls, perfect buildings… And you’re gonna say “Hey, I’m going on an adventure!”

Lava Pools: It’s located the northern side. You should see these lava pools. They are all amazing.

Blandy’s Wine Lodge: You can see this wine museum, and you can taste some wines. Entry fee is about 9-10$.

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