Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus

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Girne is a port city in Northern Cyprus. It is located in the northern of the territory. It’s pretty awesome. Full of history, and full of story. Kyrenia Castle and the port are some of the most beautiful things in Kyrenia. There are so many things about history, they are all fascinating.

Average daily food costs in Kyrenia?
The costs are changing between 2$ and 40$.

Average daily hotel costs in Kyrenia?
The costs are changing between 38$ and 250$ per night.

Where can we eat?

Bella Moon: Your favorite breakfast place. Write it somewhere!

CORNER HOUSE: Little chairs and great atmosphere. It’s British and it’s in the middle of the trees.

The Ambiance: What a fantastic view… Try some Turkish foods!

Silver Rocks: Excellent seafood and steaks! And wait… What a fantastic view! Views out to the sea…

What about the transport?
The closest airport is located in North Nicosia. Its name is Ercan International Airport.

From the airport to Kyrenia: You can take a bus ticket. The price is about 3-4$. Or you can rent a car, it’s your choice. Whatever you want.

In the city: You can use the public buses, the prices are really cheap, about 1-2$. Or you can rent a car, the prices about 20$ per day.
Ps: But the traffic drives on the left as in Britain. Do not forget that.

What will we do?

Kyrenia Castle: It’s the symbol of the city. Perfect location and full of history… Interesting.

St. Hilarion Castle: It’s on top of the hill.

Bellapais Monastery: It has a beautiful view. But it has also really good looking. Take the sea behind and grab your camera…

Alagadi Turtle Beach: Time to relax. Watch the sunset!

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