Kavala, Greece

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Kavala is a port city in Greece. It is located in the northeastern Greece. It’s quiet and different place. There are so many buildings on the rocks. This is Greece, baby.
By the way, Kavala cookies are the most famous things in here. Don’t miss them!!!

Average daily food costs in Kavala?
The costs are changing between 2$ and 120$.

Average daily hotel costs in Kavala?
The costs are changing between 45-50$ and 350$ per night.

Where can we eat?

Marmelo Patisserie: Kavala’s famous cookies are here! And they are waiting for you…

Psaraki: A great fish restaurant in Kavala. Of course, you must try it too: Greek’s Ouzo!

Mpahari: Awesome Greek foods. And Mediterranean foods are here too. You’re gonna love all of them.

What about the transport?
There are no directly flight from some of the cities in the world. You should go to Athens, and then you can go there with the plane.

From the airport to the city: You can take a cab, the price is about 30-35$.

In the city: You can use the buses, the one-way tickets are about 1.5-2$.

What will we do?

Mohamed Ali’s house: It’s the house of Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali of Egypt… Yeah, founder of modern Egypt… And the house was built in 1720 and situated in the heart of Kavala’s old town.

Byzantine Castle: It’s an old Byzantine Castle. Located on top of the hill. You can see the sea: Aegean Sea. Entry fee is about 2.5-3$.

Tobacco Museum: Yeah, it’s a tobacco museum! Full of history… You’re gonna love it! It’s all about the history of tobacco. It has many things and documents. And entry is free!

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