Isle of Man

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Isle of Man is located in the Irish Sea, between Ireland and United Kingdom. Its capital city is Douglas. And it is the most important city in Isle of Man. The Isle of Man is not part of the United Kingdom but the head of state is Queen Elizabeth II.

Average daily food costs in Isle of Man?
The costs are changing between 3$ and 70-75$.

Average daily hotel costs in Isle of Man?
The costs are changing between 57$ and 207$ per night.

Where can we eat?

Lake View Restaurant: Peaceful restaurant to breakfast, on the banks of Lake Mooragh. You can eat something outside with great lake view or you can stay with restaurant’s special pianist.

Haworts: British and Frenchs foods are here. You can eat something with your lover.

Cafe Villa: Awesome coffee, delicious ice cream…

14 North: Another British restaurant. Take a sit and enjoy your meal!

What about the transport?
You can use the train or you can use the bus, it’s your own choice. The bus prices are changing between 1.3$ and 7.5$. The train tickets are changing between 6$ and 18$. You can explore the island with this electric railway.

What will we do?

Peel Castle: It was constructed by Vikings… Located on the western side of the island. They’re all green. Look at the sea on the castle. Entry fees:

Adults: 15$
Childs: 7.5$

Sound Visitor Centre: Nice walking, and after, a cup of delicious coffee… And the seals. You’re gonna love all of these.

Glen Maye National Glen: It’s on the western side of the island. A cute village, an amazing waterfall…

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