Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is an autonomous area. It is located on the southern coast of China, and the east side of Macau. Macau is an autonomous area too, but their histories are not the same. Hong Kong was a territory of United Kingdom. In 1997, Hong Kong became a special administrative region of China again.
Hong Kong is one of the most important cities in Asia, and in the world. Hong Kong is a major financial center and great market area. But, we are gonna talk about the tourism of Hong Kong. That’s the point. Grab a chair and listen to me closely…

Average daily food costs in Hong Kong?
There are so many restaurants in Hong Kong. The number is at least 5.000. Therefore, you can see all kinds of restaurants in here. Different cultures, different atmospheres, and of course, different costs. The costs are changing between 2$ and thousands of dollars.

Average daily hotel costs in Hong Kong?
There are so many hotels in Hong Kong. You can see all types of hotels. The costs are changing between 20-25$ and 1000$.

Where can we eat?

The Place: There are not just Chinese and Japanese foods. There are so many options about all Asia. Great and memorable place to breakfast.

Above and Beyond: It’s gonna be your favorite restaurant in Hong Kong. You can eat something here. Perfect place for the lunch. It’s pretty quiet and comfortable place. Above and Beyond welcomes you people!

What about the transport?

From the airport to the city: There are many options about the transport. You can use the bus, express train or taxi. The train ticket is about 100 HKD(or 12-13 USD), and the trip takes about 25-30 minutes. The bus tickets are changing between 2$ and 6-7$.

In the city: There are many options too. The transportation is so great in Hong Kong, believe me. The tramway, bus, train, ferry… Or you can rent a car. But listen to me. The traffic drives on the left as in Britain. Do not forget this!

What will we do?

Big Buddha: Big Buddha is located on Lantau Island. It is a large statue of Buddha and it is all bronze made. It is known as Tian Tan Buddha, that’s the real name. Do not miss that! You’re gonna love it. It’s impressive and huge.

Nan Lian Garden: Nan Lian Garden is a great and beautiful garden. It is relaxing and happy place. There are so many plants in its collection. It’s all green and magical. Come here and take deep breath. It’s also free entry.

And, you should use the tramway, it is one of the best way to see the city.

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