Hobart, Australia

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Hobart is the capital city of the Australian island state of Tasmania. Founded in 1803 as a penal colony. And Hobart is Australia’s second oldest capital city after Sydney, New South Wales.
Elegant and cute Hobart… Maybe it looks faraway, but it makes you feel great when you arrived. Thinking, resting and just breathing… That is what you want. And remember! Charles Darwin visited Hobart Town in February 1836 as part of the Beagle expedition.

Average daily food costs in Hobart?
The costs are changing between 4$ and 80$. Mostly, they are located in the coast.

Average daily hotel costs in Hobart?
The costs are changing between 45$ and 450$ per night.
Closest hotels are 0.1 km from the city center. Farthert hotels are 34 km from the city center.
And closest hotels are 1.4 km from the airport. Farthert hotels are 45 km from the airport.

Where can we eat?

Da Angelo Ristorante: Great Italian foods, and tiramisu…

Jackman & McRoss: Nice talking, perfect coffee.

Salamanca Wharf Cafe: Great place for breakfast. Try new tastes and be happy.

Boat House Restaurant Cornelian Bay: She/He and you… That’s the romantic restaurant. Its view makes you feel more relaxing.

What about the transport?
You can use the buses called Metro. And the costs are changing between 3$ and 10$.(Different stoping points) And there are all kinds of tour. Tours Tasmania-Day Tours, Tasman Island Cruises, Bruny Island Safaris-Day Tours, Mount Wellington Descent Cycling Tour, etc. And the costs are changing between 20$ and 140$.

What will we do?

Salamanca Market: A sunny day, you just woke up and thinking what will we do? Go to Salamanca Market and live that lovely experience. Interesting mix of stalls and products, live music and etc…

Theatre Royal: Founded in 1834. The oldest theatre in Australia. Drama, music, comedy and dance… Take a sit and enjoy it.

Myrtle Forest: Lush and leafy… Beautiful trees, waterfalls… It’s gonna be your favorite place to go for a walk. Here we go.

Port Arthur Prison: The Prison was built at Port Arthur in 1850. Now, Port Arthur is one of Australia’s most significant heritage areas and an open-air museum. Transport from Hobart to the site is also available via bus or ferry, and various companies offer day tours from Hobart.

Richmond Bridge: The oldest bridge still in use in Australia. It’s 191 years old. Smeels history.

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