Havana, Cuba

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Havana is the capital of Cuba. And it is also one of the most important cities in Latin America. It’s a tropical and great city. You all know about the Cuban cigars. Cigars are so important for the economy. Anyway, you’re gonna love this old and exciting city. You will think “Yeah, I’m not going back! Havana is so great, so energic.”

Average daily food costs in Havana?
The costs are changing between 2$ and 35-40$.

Average daily hotel costs in Havana?
The costs are changing between 25$ and 180$.

Where can we eat?

Cafe Arcangel: Good place to breakfast.

San Cristobal Paladar: It’s in the middle of the city. Great place to dinner, you should taste some Cuban foods.

304 O’Reilly: Cuban and Spanish foods. Bon appetit!

What about the transport?
You can use the public buses or you can just walk. Walking is good in Havana. There are all beautiful, all must-seeing place.

What will we do?

Plaza Vieja: It’s the old center of La Habana. You can start the trip from here. It has also some great restaurants and cafes.

National Museum of Fine Arts: It was built in the first quarter of the 20th century. You can find everything about Kuban art. The ticket price is about 8-10$.

Fabrica de Arte Cubano FAC: That’s the cultur factory! There are some galleries, live and local musics and more…

La Corona Cigar Factory: What did I say last time? You all know about the Cuban cigars. That’s the cigar factory! Enjoy your trip! By the way, you can buy some cigars if you want.

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