Detroit, Michigan, USA

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Detroit is one of the biggest cities in the United States of America. Detroit is also the most populous city in the state of Michigan. The city is located in the northern of the USA, and on the United States of America-Canada border.

Average daily food costs in Detroit?
Detroit has so many restaurants, about one thousand. And the costs are changing between 4$ and 100-120$.

Average daily hotel costs in Detroit?
Detroit hasn’t so much option about the hotels. The costs are changing between 60-65$ and 250$.

Where can we eat?

Lafayette Coney Island: Lafayette Coney Island is one of the most delicious restaurants in Detroit. It’s all American and delicious. And it is located in the heart of the city. Don’t miss here!

Joe Muer Seafood: It’s all about the sea. Fresh seafoods and delicious seafoods. It’s on the banks of the River Detroit. You should eat something here at dinner.

Astoria Pastry Shop: Great shop! There are so many delicious cookies and more. You should try some awesome things here. Come here!

What about the transportation?

From the airport to the city: You can rent a car, take a cab or you can use the buses. The cab prices about 50-60$. The bus prices about 2$. It’s all your choice but the bus trip takes about more than 1 hour.

In the city: You can use the buses, or you can rent a car.

What should we do?

Detroit Institute of Arts: The museum must be top of your list. It’s very impressive and has so much great collections. The museum is one of the largest museum in the United States, about arts. You should be here, don’t miss this!

The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant: What a historical museum. It’s all about Ford cars. There are so many things and stories. There are so many cars, so beautiful cars… Old and charming. You’re gonna love all these cars. The prices are:

Adults: 12$
Childs (Under 12 years): Free
Groups (10 minimum): 8$ each.

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