Colmar, France

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Colmar is a town in the northeast of France. It’s quite pretty and lovely town, like in your dreams. The buildings are so sweet, and some of the famous things are museums and the architecture of the town. By the way, Colmar is the birthplace of Frederic Auguste Barholdi, the designer of the Statue of Liberty.

Average daily food costs in Colmar?
The costs are changing between 3$ and 105$.

Average daily hotel costs in Colmar?
The costs are changing between 35-40$ and 200-250$ per night.

Where can we eat?

La Cour des Anges: This French restaurant is colorful and lively. Join us!

Wistub Brenner: French and German foods are here. And the atmosphere is cozy. You can eat something with your lover.

Jadis et Gourmande: You just woke up, and thinking “where can we eat breakfast in this lovely town?” That’s the answer.

Restaurant JYS: French foods, fantastic lunch.

What about the transport?
There is no airport. The closest airport is located in Strasbourg. Then you should use the bus from Strasbourg to Colmar. The trip takes about half a hour, and the price is about 11$.

What will we do?

Little Venice: Say hello to Little Venice! Grab your camera and hug your lover. Smile together…

Musee Unterlinden de Colmar: Fascinating paintings, special pieces… It is a very interesting museum with different art collections. Great place to see. Entry fees:

Adults: 14.3$
Childs(12-18) and students(under 30): 8.8$
Families: 38.5$
Groups(of 15 or more persons): 12.1$

Musee du Jouet et du Petit Train: It’s a little and cute museum. When you see all these toys, you’re going back to childhood. Little trains, old posters, legos and more. It’s gonna be great trip for you. Entry fees:

Adults: 5.5$
Childs (8-18 years old): 4.3$
Families (of 4 people): 13.9$
Childs (Under 8 years): Free

Marche Couvert: There are so many local foods. You have to see all these things. It’s all great.

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