Chetumal, Mexico

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Chetumal is located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, and so close to the border of Belize. It has a beautiful bay and great air. There are so many stories about the Mayans.

Average daily food costs in Chetumal?
The costs are changing between 2$ and 15-20$. Cheap, aren’t they?

Average daily hotel costs in Chetumal?
The costs are changing between 20-25$ and 100$ per night.

Where can we eat?

La Casita del Chef: La Casita del Chef is a local restaurant. It is friendly and fresh. Traditional breakfast with a great coffee! Awe-some!

Marisqueria El Taco Loco: Marisqueria El Taco Loco is a friendly restaurant. Mexican and Caribbean foods are here. But it has special seafoods too. Seafoods are super fresh and tasty. You should taste something about sea.

Forasteros: Another Mexican restaurant in Chetumal. And it’s simple and fantastic.

Marisqueria Mi Viejo: Have you ever tried Mexican seafood? Come and taste it!

What about the transport?
There is no directly flight from most of the cities in the world. You should go to Mexico City, and then, you can get yourself here. From Mexico City to Chetumal, the trip takes about 2 hours.

What will we do?

Museo de la cultura maya: That museum is very impresive and about the Mayans. Come here and learn about Mayan Culture. There are so many stories and impressive things. Entry fee is about 4-5$.

Taj Mahal Cenote: Great diving experience! It’s a cave diving… It will be great starting for first time non-cave divers.

Santuario del Manati: Meet Danny the Manatee! And listen to Dany’s history. There is no fee for this attraction, but any donations go to help for his care and food.

Tequila Beach Club: And walk around the city. Then, come here and listen to the sounds of the sea.

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