Cape Town, Republic of South Africa

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Cape Town is a city in South Africa. It ranks third among the most populous urban areas in South Africa, after Johannesburg and Durban. It’s famous for its natural setting in the Cape Floristic Region, as well as for such well known landmarks as Table Mountain and Cape Point.

Average daily food costs in Cape Town?
There are all kinds of restaurant. Cheap or lux. And the costs are changing between 5$ and 600$.

Average daily hotel costs in Cape Town?
There are all kinds of hotel. Lux and fresh or cheap and sweet. Pick one and enjoy it. Costs are changing between 30$ and 1150$ per night.
Closest hotels are 0.2km from the city center. Farthert hotels are 65km from the city center.
And closest hotels are 0.5km from the airport. Farthert hotels are 50km from the airport.

Where can we eat?

Mondiall: Great place to something special. Its location is perfect, and the view of Table Mountain is amazing.

La Vie Café & Bar: Perfect place for brunch and chill. Simple and beautiful.

Haiku: If you like Asian food, if you like lux. There it is, Haiku!

Paranga: Excellent choise of fresh seafood. You’re gonna love it.

What about the transport?
You can rent a car. Costs are not expensive, usual. You can use a train. Or… You can go with a BUZ BUS. These buses are various. You can join an all day long trip. Or you can go on safari. You know, South Africa and safari are great couple.
Cape Town-Port Elizabeth(tour) has 13-14 stop point. And one way price is 130$, with return price is 185$. BUZ BUSes use the side coast, and believe me, it’s worth.

What if go on safari?
The costs are a little expensive and there are 4-7-11 day long tickets. The costs are changing between 480$ and 1400$. Great opportunity for the lovers of wildlife.

What will we do?

Table Mountain: Firstly, you have to sleep very well and enjoy your trip. After all this, you have to see Table Mountain. It’s like a table, really. The mountain forms part of the Table Mountain National Park. And many visitors using the cableway or hiking to the top.It has a fantastic view. You’re gonna love it.
But, you must to see the another place…

Lion’s Head Mountain: That view will give you freshness. Look at that.

Boulders Beach: And meet the penguins. African penguins!

Cape Point: Cape Point! It’s the southern tip of Africa. Believed to be the diving point between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Weird, ha? Come to see it.

Robben Island: It has a beautiful view, you can see Table Mountain on here. But, important thing is: Perfect place to experience an important part of the history of South Africa. Ferries leave for the island 3 or 4 times a day, depending on the season, starting from 9.00 am. But, you have to know its a life changing place. Memorable, and shocking.

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