Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina. Buenos Aires is also the largest city of Argentina. Buenos Aires is a great and warm city. And it is one of the most visited cities of Latin America. And guess what? The name of Buenos Aires means “good air/s” in Spanish. Well, have a nice day everyone.

Average daily food costs in Buenos Aires?
There are so many restaurants in Buenos Aires. More than three thousand. All kinds of the restaurant. There are so many luxury restaurants, cheap restaurants, cozy restaurants, local restaurants and more. You can find anything you want here. The costs are changing between 2$ and thousands of dollars.

Average daily hotel costs in Buenos Aires?
Buenos Aires… What an awesome city. There are so many hotels in Buenos Aires. Yes, all kinds of hotel. Cheap or expensive. Mostly, cheap. You can find what you want. The costs are changing between 6-7$ and thousands of dollars.

Where can we eat?

UCO: Great choice for a great breakfast. Great and special breakfast… It’s one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires, believe me. You’re gonna love this traditional place.

Steaks by Luis: Do you want to eat some steaks? That’s the place. Hurry up! Steaks are almost ready!

What about the transportation?
From Ministro Pistarini International Airport to the city: You have so many options about this. You can use the bus, taxi or airport service. The airport service leaves every 30 minutes. The ticket price is about 11-12$ and the trip takes about 45-50 minutes.
In the city: You can use all these things and you can use the subway called Subte. The prices are about a couple dollars.

What should we do?

MALBA: Means “Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires”. You can see some famous arts from modern artists of Latin America. And the building is really amazing too. The entry fees:

Adults: 6 – 6.5$
Students: 3$
Children (Under 5 years): Free

Palermo Soho: Palermo Soho is an old and historical neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It is located 1 or 2 kilometers from the city center. You can see some great restaurants, shopping centers and sitting places here. You’re gonna love all these things.

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