Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Boston is a city of United States of America. It is the capital city and largest city of Massachusetts. It is located on the northeast of United States of America, and 250-300 kilometers from New York City. Boston is an old city and full of history. It’s one of the first settlements of early USA.
Boston is a very important city. About education, first of all. Boston has so many important universities. The most popular universities in Boston… I’m sure, you know these universities. Harvard University and M.I.T. And of course more than…
Boston is also very important about technological developments. And the city has a very beautiful coastline.

Average daily food costs in Boston?
There are so many restaurants in Boston. More than two thousand. All kinds of the restaurant. There are so many luxury restaurants, cheap restaurants, cozy restaurants, local restaurants and more. You can find anything you want here. The costs are changing between 3$ and 100-120$.

Average daily hotel costs in Boston?
Boston… What a great city. But it is a little bit expensive. The costs are changing between 65-70$ and 700$.

Where can we eat?

Ostra: It’s all about seafoods. Fresh seafoods! It should be top of your list. Its location is great and the atmosphere is very good. The restaurant is cozy, and available for your romantic dinner. Take a sit and enjoy your meal!

Gennaro’s 5 North Square: It’s one of the best Italian restaurants in Boston. You can eat something romantic with your lover or you can eat something very similar with your family. It’s your choice, it’s your life. But I’m sure, you’re gonna love that place, very much!

What about the transportation?
There are so many options about the transportation in Boston. You can use the public buses or you can use the subway. Or you can use the trams. The ticket prices are changing where do you go and it depends which line what do you use. The prices start about a couple dollars.

What should we do?

Museum of Fine Arts: This Boston museum is one of the largest museums in United States of America. Founded in 19th century. And the museum has so, so, so many things. There are so many great things to see. It has some impressive collections and very interesting works. And I’m sure, you’re gonna love its architecture too. The prices are:

Adults: 25$
Students (+18 years): 23$
Childs (7-17 years old): Free weekends, and weekdays after 3 pm.
Childs (Under 6 years): Free

North End: It’s one of the most famous districts in Boston, and it’s one of the most beautiful parts of Boston. You can see many Italian restaurants here. It’s all Italian, yes! The district also known as “Little Italy”. It has many narrow streets, old and historical buildings… You’re gonna love this place, and believe me, it is more than I say.

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