Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Belfast is the capital city of North Ireland, and it is the largest city of North Ireland. It has different air and I think it is really good thing. By the way, some episodes of the world’s most popular TV show, Game of Thrones, was filmed in Belfast.

How much is average daily food costs?
The costs are changing between 5$ and 100$. The city is expensive but you can find what you want.

How much is average daily hotel costs?
The costs are changing between 40$ and 500$ per night.

Where can we eat?

Home Restaurant: Would you like a great breakfast? But, really really great? Go, Home Restaurant!

Shu Restaurant: A romantic dinner or business meeting? That great British restaurant welcomes both of them.

Ryan’s Bar and Restaurant: Beautiful and friendly… Try some Irish foods.

Buskers Restaurant: A colorful restaurant… You’re gonna lose your mind. Great coffees, delicious desserts, fresh seafoods, Irish foods…

What about the transport?
The best choice is renting a car. The public transportations are a little bit expensive.

What will we do?

Titanic – Belfast Museum: It was dedicated to Titanic and its passengers. And of course to this sad experience. There are so many things. A big parking garage, a big private hall, some art galleries and more… You should see all these. The entry prices:

Adults: 24-25$
Childs(5-16 years old): 20$
Families(2 adults + 2 childs): 60$

Belfast Castle: It was built in 12th century. Come here and see with your own eyes. And take some photos.

Ulster Museum: There are so many things about the animals. It is located in the botanical garden. Free entry. And there are also a gift shop and a cafe.

And you should see the Giant’s Causeway in the northern of the city. You can join some private tours, and you can see the places about Game of Thrones.

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