Beirut, Lebanon

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Beirut is the capital of Lebanon. It’s on the eastern of Mediterranean Sea. It was a great center of the Middle East, 60-70 years ago. But in 70th, something’s happened in Beirut. But… It is still great, still beautiful and still historical. By the way, you all know Keanu Reeves… He was born here, in Beirut.

Average daily food costs in Beirut?
The costs are changing between 2$ and 100$.

Average daily hotel costs in Beirut?
The costs are changing between 35-40$ and 500-550$ per night.

Where can we eat?

Mayrig: Lebanese and Armenian fusion… You’re gonna love it.

Dany’s: Tasty snacks, excellent cocktails and the music…

Kababji: Good morning! Great restaurant to breakfast… And you must try special sandwiches…

Bab Sharki: Lebanese foods, Turkish foods… Pick one and enjoy it.

What about the transport?
From the airport to the city: You can take a cab, the taxi prices are about 15-20$. And the public buses are one of the most useful vehicles in Beirut.

What will we do?

National Museum of Beirut: If you want to know about the history of Lebanon about the phoenicians and the hellenistic ages, you should see this museum. There are also so many cultures. Egyptians, Greeks, Romans… It opens from 9 am. till 5 pm. Entry fees:

Adult: 3.5$
Child(Under 18) and students: 0.7$

Mim Museum: An interesting museum in Beirut. There are so many minerals, gems and rocks… Beautiful bright colors, amazing shapes… And the entry fee is 4-4.5$.

Roman Baths: Baths are located in the middle of the city. Amazing and old-charming. You should see them!

Zaitunay Bay: Grab your walking shoes and come to Zaitunay Bay. There are so many restaurants with great views.

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