Baku, Azerbaijan

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Baku, is the capital city of Azerbaijan. And it is also the largest city of Azerbaijan. It’s located on the Caspian Sea… Oil is one of the most important things in Baku. Really. You can see the things about the oil, but those are mostly located in the bay. Fellas… The city is changing, Baku is growing up…

Average daily food costs in Baku?
The costs are changing between 2$ and 100$.

Average daily hotel costs in Baku?
The costs are changing between 15-20$ and 300-350$.

Where can we eat?

Firuze: It’s an otantic Azeri restaurant. You can taste some traditional foods in here.

Scalini Italian Restaurant: Italian cuisine in Baku. It’s very nice and relaxing place.

Chinar: It’s an Asian restaurant. Cozy, but it’s a little bit expensive.

Zafferano: Drink a couple coffee with your lover.

What about the transport?

There is an airport: Heydar Aliyev International Airport. You can take a bus ticket from the airport to the city. The ticket price is really cheap. Cheap than 1$. Or you can take a taxi cab, the taxi prices are about 10$.

In the city: You can use the metro, or you can use the public buses. It’s your choice. They are not expensive.

What will we do?

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum: It’s a carpet museum! And the building seems like a carpet! Look at this architecture. You can see the traditional carpets in here. You should take a look. The prices:

Adults: 4-4.5$
Students: 1.5-2$

Museum of Miniature Books: You must see this museum! There are so many books, little books. The books are from all over the world. The smallest miniature book of the world is also as a part of the collection. The price is about a few dollars.

Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center: Its architecture is so interesting. The cultural center has a big concert and conferance hall, a museum and some art galleries. You can take a 7.5$-ticket for all or you can take 3$-ticket for museum.

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