Antofagasta, Chile

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Antofagasta is located in northern Chile. It’s a port city and its name means “town of the great salt lake” Its water is always cold, even in summer. And Antofagasta is known as “La Perla del Norte”. It means “The Pearl of the North”.

Average daily food costs in Antofagasta?
The costs are changing between 2$ and 50$.

Average daily hotel costs in Antofagasta?
The costs are changing between 35-40$ and 200$ per night. The hotels are mostly cheap.

Where can we eat?

Macao restobar: Macao is all good: Its service, its drinks, its foods… And of course the atmosphere… Excellent cocktails, and the music! Great place to enjoy wity your friends.

Cafe del Muelle: It’s Chilean. And of course, it’s South American. Great tastes and fresh air. The smell of the sea, and a little cozy cafe.

Amares Costafusion: Fantastic Peruvian foods and great atmosphere… Make a reservation and come here for a romantic dinner. It’s a little bit expensive but definitely worth it.

Lost Cafe: Per-fect! Good place to eat something with your friends… And that coffee… is really great…

What about the transport?
There is no direct flight to here. From where? Most of the cities of the world. For example, you can go to Paris, and then you can fly to the capital city of Chile. And you need one more shot, from Santiago to Antofagasta. Welcome to Antofagasta!

What will we do?

Basilica Corazon de Maria: The church is old and charming. You’re gonna love it!

Laguna Cejar: A great salt lake with great view of Volcano! Wanna go swimming?

Desierto de Atacama: Welcome to the driest desert in the world! The Atacama Dessert! The sky is so clear and the stars are so close to you… Unbelievable!!!

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