Ancona, Italy

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Ancona is one of the oldest cities of Italy, and it is located on the Adriatic Sea. It’s quite pretty and peaceful. It has a great harbor and there are so many historical things, in the city.

Average daily food costs in Ancona?
The costs are changing between 2$ and 100$.

Average daily hotel costs in Ancona?
The costs are changing between 40$ and 160$ per night.

Where can we eat?

Sushi il Milione: The best Japanese restaurant in Ancona! Try it.

La Taverna del Monaco: Fresh meat and perfect dessert.

Ristorante Stamura: Fresh seafoods! You can eat a romantic dinner here. You must!

Il Cladestino Susci Bar: Mediterranean and Italian foods are here. Located: Out of the city.

What about the transport?
Ancona airport is one of the smallest airports in Italy. The airport is 15-20 kilometers from the city of Ancona. You can take a bus ticket, it is about 3-4$.
In the city, you can walk everywhere…

What will we do?

Cattdrale San Ciriaco: It is located on top of a hill. A great example of Romanesque architecture. It’s magical. You’re gonna love it!

Monumento ai Caduti: Good place to take a photo. Maybe photos… “Say cheese”

Museo Tattile Statale Omero: A museum dedicated to blind people… Touching art, different pieces… And it’s free!

Chiesa Santa Maria della Piazza: A great building of Romanesque architecture in Ancona. Smells history.

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